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Birch House Candles

Lavender + Chamomile Reed Diffuser

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  • 1 glass jar with wood cuff

  • 6 rattan reeds

  • 4.8 oz phthalate-free fragrance oils and natural essential oils

  • beautiful gifting box

  • 1 branded coaster to sit diffuser on for protection of surface

Discover the benefits of essential oils based reed diffusers for your home and office. Effortlessly add beautiful and memorable scent in your home for up to 90 or more days.

Lavender + Chamomile essential oil benefits:

This soothing herbal fragrance of fresh lavender petals combined with chamomile oils will have you feeling calm and relaxed instantly. This beautiful and classic scent is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices and any space you want to feel the calming effects of lavender. Try adding this diffuser to your children's spaces to help ease their anxiety and calm them.

  • Reduce restlessness and insomnia

  • Calming qualities

  • Helps aid in a good night sleep

  • Enjoy a sense of calm

Made by Birch House Candles in Short Hills, New Jersey.