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  • Pamela Bloom

    Maplewood-based Pamela Bloom creates lovingly handcrafted jewelry that is sophisticated and relaxed, timeless and chic. Her classic, versatile jewelry is specifically designed to be stand-alone statements — but can also be layered for a more dramatic look.

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  • Philippa Roberts

    Philippa Roberts has been designing and creating handmade jewelry in California for over 20 years. Her clean lines, use of colorful stones, and timeless, classic style has stayed true throughout her years in the business.

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  • Jamie Kole

    Designer Jamie Kole, who’s been a proud Maplewoodian for many years, spent much of her childhood in pursuit of all that glitters. Her hand-sculpted silhouettes are inspired by vintage motifs while Swarovski crystal elements frame each piece, expressing her vision of ethereal sparkle and femininity.

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