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Caddis Eye Appliances

Hooper - Polished Gunmetal / Blue Lens

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The CADDIS Hooper is a lightweight wire frame design that slides on like sand through an hourglass. Possibly named after a popular 70's comedy movie...and possibly not, depending on who's asking. Hooper comes with a very light-blue tinted lens because it's always Summer on the inside when jumping cars over river gorges...but to be clear that has nothing to do with the naming of this product.

  • Optical grade CR39 lens
  • Superior hard coat for anti scratch durability
  • Anti-reflective coatings to mitigate reflections and glare.
  • Super hydro-phobic and oleo-phobic coatings for anti smudge
  • Handcrafted acetate designs utilizing state of the art CNC and finishing for fit, function, and durability.
All Caddis readers block blue light. They included HEV coating blocks harmful high energy light screens emit. Caddis is pro cool shit you're doing on your screens. They're anti eye strain, headaches and disrupted sleep. Block. Blue. Light. Now.