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Beekman 1802

Goat Milk Hand Cream | 12.5 oz Pump Bottle - Almond Honey Cookie

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The Almond Honey Cookie fragrance is a harmonious blend of sweet almond, luscious honey, and the warm notes of freshly baked cookies. This captivating scent will linger delicately on your skin, offering a sense of comfort and indulgence all day long. Indulge in the velvety texture of this hand and body lotion as it glides effortlessly onto your skin, soothing and revitalizing with every application. Whether it's your hands that need a little extra care or your entire body that craves a dose of moisture, this versatile lotion has got you covered. Lotion comes in a 12.5 fl oz. pump bottle.

Order a bottle of lotion and a bottle of hand & body wash and receive a complimentary Beekman ceramic berry box caddy!