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Clue Town

Clue Town: Memorial Park Scavenger Hunt Game

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The Clue Town: Memorial Park Scavenger Hunt is solved entirely on foot. Solvers go to the starting point whenever they are ready to begin, and then use nearby landmarks to solve puzzles. The solution to each puzzle will be a direction of how to get to the next landmark checkpoint.

Memorial Park is a special, recreational area for the town of Maplewood, New Jersey. The picturesque East Branch of the Rahway River anchors Memorial Park, cutting through green hillside and providing a cool spot for kids, dogs, and ducks to splash. The park also boasts a reflecting pond, shaded playground, four ball fields and a large amphitheater for picnics.

Clue Town: Memorial Park is a fun romp through nature and history, highlighting an area once inhabited by the Leni-Lenape tribe, as well as European settlers who shaped Maplewood into the quaint, walkable town it is today.

  • Clue Town: Memorial Park begins at the intersection of Dunnell Road + Oakview Avenue.
  • Pace: 90 min. leisure / 60 min. race
  • Includes Game Book, Compass and Pencil