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Skinny Spicy Margarita Ready-to-Make Cocktail Sachets

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"Yes. Tea bags -- only they make cocktails. It's a great day to be alive." 
- The Miami Herald

Each sachet has an expertly portioned blend of all-natural lime, orange peel, peppers, and alderwood smoked salt. For tongue-tingling, beach-worthy flavor that's perfect every time, steep in tequila and cold water for 3 minutes. 

Satisfy the craving for a Margarita without leaving the house -- and never use bottled, sugary margarita mix again. To make a mocktail, swap tequila with more cold water or your favorite non-alcoholic spirit.

Non-GMO | Gluten free | Vegan | 20 calories | <1g sugar | Each box contains 8 sachets

Ingredients: Erythritol, Crystallized Lime (citric acid, lime oil, lime juice), Jalapeno, Pequin Chilis, Orange peel, Ginger, Agave Enhancer (Modified Food, Starch, Agave Syrup, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide), Smoked Salt, Ginger Juice, Arabic Gum, Crystallized Orange (citric acid, orange oil, orange juice), Monkfruit