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Caddis Eye Appliances

Miklos Sun - Turtle

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Lens Magnification


The best-selling Miklos, now with polarized sun lenses. See near and far without taking them off. It's like the elastic waist pant of eyewear...which is really degrading to the Miklos. People with larger faces like the thickness of the frames, and how solid they feel. Customers with smaller faces also like wearing a frame that stands out. Just depends on what you're into. They engraved "Port" over the left eye, and "Starboard" over the right eye. It's a boat thing. Not a yacht thing.


  • See near and far with the one pair of Sunglass readers.
  • Consider these a stop-stacking-your-glasses-on-your-head solution.
  • See your book and the beach. Fix a flat and see the trail. Take that sunshine and tiny text.
  • CADDIS Suns feature high grade, polarized lens. Yes polarized.
  • The backside bi-focal means it's less noticeable from the front. The polarized sun shade lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV light and reduce glare while looking up close.
All Caddis readers block blue light. They included HEV coating blocks harmful high energy light screens emit. Caddis is pro cool shit you're doing on your screens. They're anti eye strain, headaches and disrupted sleep. Block. Blue. Light. Now.